I am writing as the author and creator of brand new memoir and book series dedicated to survivors of childhood abuse and trauma.

I invite you to please visit the newly established The Child I Always Was l Road to Recovery website to learn more, and to find out how you can contribute to and promote these wonderful new resources.

Below is a brief synopsis of the two new initiatives. I appreciate your support and feedback!

The Child I Always Was is a gripping and raw autobiographical memoir; an unbiased and uncensored look into the life and mind of a young boy's accounts of childhood abuse that reveals the hidden and secret struggles the young boy and resultant young man worked to push through as they grew up in the shadow of such abuse. In an unflinching documentation of his life experiences, this courageous man provide you, the reader, a look into the reasoning process, thinking, and behavior patterns he consequently adopted and developed in response to and as a result of his abuse and the life that was consequently played out because of it.

What Is Love? is a beautifully illustrated children's books, the first in a series of a ground breaking new concept in interactive, therapeutic children's books called "The Road to Recovery" series. Endorsed by the co-founders of ChildHelp USA, this beautifully illustrated and simply written book helps children define the difference between healthy attention from a loved one and predatory grooming from an abuser. The author and illustrator seamlessly and simply capture the confusing and complex emotions that can surround abuse as well as offer hope for the young healing heart. Other books are currently in the works, which include interactive, illustrated therapeutic children's books for bereavement, anxiety, bullying, and depression.
"...and it was then that I carried you..."
Footprints in the Sand