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Sometimes I think the demonization of the acts hurt the victims more than than act itself.

True in the sense that the media often paints the situation in a way that perpetuates the damage to the victim, probably to play to the lowest common denominator. There is rarely any serious in depth treatment of the issue beyond skin-deep sensationalism. The words of a reporter during the early stages of the Sandusky indictment ultimately brought me here. She spoke of the "horror" Sandusky's victims experienced. The horror? Really?

My "Sandusky" molested me and my sis and a lot of the girls in the neighborhood for months and months, but I never saw it as a horror - just secrets and shame. I don't remember any of us screaming in horror - we all just quietly accommodated him. That doesn't mean we wanted it or asked for it - but it was what we dealt with and soon accepted as our "normal." That's just the way it was.

Ultimately it was the secrecy more than the sex that did the damage. It kept me silent, and kept away any adults that could have guided me through this mess. The media circus at Penn State just totally missed it. Looking back on that is like looking at it with x-ray vision. I think only one who has been through something like this can truly understand why the victims stayed so hidden and quiet.

The homosexuals are bringing sodomy into the mainstream big time. In a very real way, normalization of sodomy will help real boy victims of real abuse accepted what happened.

This is odd. I do not really know how you mean this, but if I were to replace "sodomy" with "the gay community", I might somewhat agree with the second sentence. The stigma of non-mainstreamed sexual identity such as gay was terrifying to many survivors, and I suspect that as that stigma is finally and thankfully dissolving away in US society, more boys will see male-on-male CSA for what it truly is - not a "homosexual" thing, but a trespass of personal borders. My abuser messed with me and my sister. It was of no significance that the nature of the sexual abuse for her was heterosexual and mine was homosexual. It was just as much a crime and just as damaging to both of us.

I certainly do not agree that the "homosexuals" are bringing anything into the mainstream, and certainly not "sodomy," which is just a ridiculous and nonsensical statement. It is rather society at large that is finally evolving to the more enlightened point of acceptance and inclusion of the gay community into the mainstream (which I suppose is what you mean by "normalization").