This is a little-known and ugly story, that is about to blow up and get even uglier.

NOTE: I disagree with the political and editorial positions of the Daily Caller, but they are mostly just providing a forum for an open letter about the case. I urge you to read the whole thing.

Executive summary: Next month will see the DVD release of a film "Kill Your Darlings," which purports to tell the story of the 1944 murder of 35-year-old David Kammerer by 21-year-old Lucien Carr. Since both men were acquaintances of famed authors Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, the case attracted a lot of interest in literary circles and Ginsberg ended up basically dictating this story as filmed.

Carr had been a 12-year-old Boy Scout when Kammerer, his troop leader, began molesting him. The letter in the article outlines Kammerer's insidious exploitation of every perp trick in the book. The abuse went on for 7 years. Carr would eventually kill Kammerer with the Boy Scout knife he had received the year the abuse began.

But because this story was adapted for the screen by Ginsberg, things got a bit twisted.... because Ginsberg was a pedophile and NAMBLA supporter. He saw the Carr / Kammerer dynamic as one of a run-of-the-mill gay lovers' quarrel, and that is how the film tells the tale.

It's a bleak, awful story - the letter is written by Carr's son, who even as he begs the world for sympathy for his father as a manipulated rape victim, also sadly acknowledges that after prison his father never sought treatment and ended up brutally physically abusing his son for years. The younger Carr seems to have forgiven him.

It's harder to forgive the people who want to "romanticize" pedorape after the fact.

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