New and clueless here...I tried the Resources directory here on this site, but only one therapist is listed. After a bit of researching on the T's website, her practice(she is the lone t), seems to kind of offhandedly mention working with CSA survivors. It appears the primary focus is on sex addiction and marriage counseling. Her website:


I'm not suggesting this therapist might not have the relevant experience or might be a good "fit", but am seeking some suggestions how to proceed.

Anyone in my area of the country with positive experience with this or any other T? Suggestions on experiences with female vs. male? I've no real preference either way, I think the correct "fit" is something only I could determine after a visit or two as I've done some marriage counseling years ago. I'm hesitant to just look through the yellow pages and start cold calling in the hopes of locating the right therapist.

Additionally, I'd like to start attending CSA survivor group meetings but the nearest listed in Resource Directory about 120 miles away from me in Rochester NY. Again, this is not to say one doesn't exist in the Buffalo area, just NO idea where to locate. I'm planning on attending a WoR-Weekend of Recovery this summer, but that's only one tool in the box and July seems a lifetime away.

As I'm new here and don't know anyone yet, hopefully one of you guys reading this could suggest a member you know from my area that can suggest some opinion? Thanks.

Peace & Love, Paul
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