I wrote about progress a while back, but I thought to write one once again.

First, for the longest time I thought I would never be able to find love, and now I have found it already, twice. My first boyfriend was great, but too jealous and that relationship ended. I have a second boyfriend now, he is just 2 years older than me, more mature, and we are going slowly.

That was the area of my life that I felt the most lacking. I am grateful to have overcome the difficulties of the abuse. I have not told my current boyfriend about it yet, I will see when and if to tell.

On the work side, I not only have a job, but also teach a class, which I always wanted to do, and I am doing it very well if I may say so myself. I broke the myth that I could not.

My family and close friends know that I am gay and they support me. That's another big issue that no longer is an issue.

And the future holds a posible Master's degree abroad.

Thank you God! I never thought I could be writing this story as a success!