just been reading all the posts.Alot of my physical problems started to make sense to me only a few months ago as i started to understand the effects of my CSA , the first one started to appear at 13 is the eye problem (diagnosed with amblyopia syndrome of the lazy eye) it's been getting worst ever since ..then i started to have this fear of blushing anytime i found me self in any awkward social situation syndrome found out lately was called ereutophobia ..getting the flu/colds frequently over the year,intense lower back pains especialy in exams periode or any stressfull situation,been also diagnosed with IBS irritibale bowl syndrome wich cause constant stomach ache and vomiting , migrains , and not last wich is for me the most frustarting and painfull is my breathing problem (shortness of breath and inability to take a satisfying breath with this last problem i cant even do any relaxation breathing ,giving me little or no hope to lessen my anxiety symptoms i went to see a Otolaryngologist and allergologist, both didnt find any thing physically wrong with me ...also i would like to share that this last year as i started to do regular exercise(jogging in this beautiful place in nature, combined with cognitive therapy, some symptoms such as the stomach and back pain and also my anxiety have been noticebly decreased
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