This is {kind of} what it was like then:

This has been added later. We lived on a small farm in Mississippi for a few months. A much better visualization of what it was like is shown in the movie: The Painted House
which was taken from a Grissam novel.

Watching movies like that helped me a lot because I had depersonalization disorder and I needed to visualize what my childhood was like. This movie even contains a "perp", who'se part is soft-pedaled a lot. But if you've met perps, which all of us have, then you will recognize Hank in this film.

Another movie which helped me with that was: The Education of Little Tree. It was healing for me to be able to "see" myself enacted as the boy in those movies. I actually looked something like that.
They have remade the preview. The actual film was made in Tennessee in Cherokee County which is several counties away from where I'm now living.