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The parents of my d-n-l live in Marietta

Hi Bill. Glad you enjoyed the photos. So, you know some people who live in Marietta? (I'm not quite sure what d-n-l stands for.) I wonder if they live anywhere near me. I live probably 20 minutes north of the actual city of Marietta but there are neighborhoods not more than two miles away from me that have a Marietta address.

I am wanting to go to the High (did I spell that correctly?), and will one day soon. I hear the exhibits are superb.

I haven't been to the High Museum in a very long time but it is a cool place. The last time I went was about 15-16 years ago when they had a Pablo Picasso exhibit there. My mom used to do some volunteer work there but that was probably 20 years ago.

I have even made it to the October festival in Piedmont Park-by myself, which was an accomplishment and I only became lost and wandered in that part of town for maybe two hours or so before I relocated my carů I don't remember which area of town the park is located in.


Oh, I even have been to your IKEA in the north part of town and that great neighborhood.

Piedmont Park is great and they have lots of festivals there. Although, it's been a while since I've been to one. The park and the IKEA are both in Midtown, although they are on opposite sides of Midtown. The neighborhood the IKEA is in is called Atlantic Station. Nice place and a little out of my price range. Ok, a lot out of my price range. Peace,