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#458171 - 01/07/14 07:51 PM Mans biggest problem is knowing who God is
nltsaved Offline

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Be warned this post talks about GOD if you do not want to read about God in order not to be offended TURN BACK NOW !! My post are meant for reflection & self examination. If you do not agree with my post or my faith that is fine everyone is at a different place in their life & also has the right to believe in what they want . I will not argue or debate i just want to share what i feel the holy spirit directs me to write. If you feel it is not for you than that is just fine but if it touches you and causes you to reflect and take inventory of your life that is also great . I also believe god gives us all we need to overcome our situations & circumstances .He gives us all we need to accomplish this . It is up to us to do the work. i always try to be honest & come with the truth and yes it hurts sometimes so brace yourself . if you can not handle it than stop now
and turn back. if you disagree with it that is fine feel free to make your own thread please do not read if
you do not take into consideration what this disclaimer explains . Now it is on you . peace & blessings and may you be blessed and inspired to go to work[/size]

Mans biggest problem is knowing who God is . When you realize as much as you possibly can , who God is than you will begin to realize that God is Good and we are Not.
There is no sense of reality that we are good . We are so full of lust and sexual desires that are almost heinous and we are full of greed envy jealousy and the like.

Therefore to call or declare oneself good is laughable knowing who and what God is. He IS
he simply is always was and always will be righteous.
The problem is God's righteousness must be satisfied. This is why our biggest problem is knowing who God is.

* American Christianity is a joke In a lot of ways. Say a prayer and your in. Declaring every deceased person suddenly a Christian because they said a prayer one time in their life while living their life any which way and living life full of unrepentant sin.

* American Christianity is God wants you to have Everything and will move mountains to ensure you're comfortably. There is only easy living and sin as much as you like as long as you ask for forgiveness with no intentionality to turn away.

* The very fact that in spite of all of his glorious creation that even the highest human mind could not deny that this did not all happen by "accident". From a Pure logic standpoint God created all that you see vs nothing created everything and over time it became to the point of perfection, is completely and utterly absurd in the highest degree.

* Back to why knowing God is our biggest problem because God is good and we clearly are not. Christ satisfies God's need to appease his own righteousness. Grasp this. God came down in the form of man and lived a perfect life and than he took upon himself All of the sin and death that we deserved greediness, sexual immorality on all levels, jealousy, envying, murderous ways, lying, stealing, back biting, slanderous scandalous speaking , gossip, & on he took it to the cross thus satisfying his thirst for righteousness.

* He demonstrated his love for us. We are not Good and God is. Or do you still think you are good ? We deserve God's wrath. The fact God does not wipe the floor with so many who willfully turn from righteousness in favor of detestable acts is a show of love within itself on a grand and magnificent level.

* We should recognize the sovereignty of God. Why is it that people can take the holy scripture and contort it to fit it into their life the way they see fit ?. Erasing the God of the bible who told Saul to kill woman men animals and even children because of his just will to eradicate sin and disobedience ,all in favor of a foo foo God who is here for our every beck and call ?. All In favor for this God people have created with their minds . A God who allows sin to go unrepentant all in favor of living life in the most abundant ways in order to reach prosperity by accumulating as much for self as possible as long as you help someone every now and than and throw some money In the offering or attend church "sometimes" and you are a " "good person and " " try to live s good and moral life. The fact that nearly every so called preacher of the gospel continuously and erroneously preaches only this God that basically only wants your best life now and allows for sin and worldliness to co mingle with the holy word of God is absolutely heresy.

* There is no reverence of there is no reverence for God. We are to fear God not with a referential fear but fear because he has the power to throw your soul into hell as only a perfect and righteously loving God should because he has to because of his holiness and righteousness.

* Not that this is all fire brimstone and damnation but a reality check on what is being taught. A reality check and the realization that everyone is weak and it all puts us on a level playing field. Because we are weak it does not give us the excuse to go on sinning but it gives us the opportunity to depend solely and utterly upon the power of God. Apart from him we truly can do nothing because of our weakness and total dependence upon him because of the great weakness and sin in our lives .

* Because of our weakness we are able to become strong In the lord. Apart from the lord and in the worldliness we are weak and pathetic or even weird or end up with a label attached to us in one way or another so people stay in chains even though we are All weak we are all the labels we give each other .

* Awe but In Christ these weaknesses become strengths. They become a strong and a mighty fortress in the lord there truly is no condemnation for those who love Christ and are called according to His Good and perfect will. Within our weakness lies out greatest strengths because it give God when allowed to fully take these weaknesses and show the world he exists. Only the hand of God can take poor miserable sinful people and turn their whole life into a glorious testimony for Christ. Giving them the true abundance that these TV preachers should be teaching. Instead of being condemned for our weaknesses we should be able to Confess to one another in order to rid ourselves of the shame guilt and power Satan uses to keep us trapped by our weaknesses and sin . This enables people to think others are not weak and full of sin when in fact we are All weak and All fall short of the glory of God not One is righteous not one. But by staying silent and not confessing our sin we are never really able to grasp the love that God showed us by rectifying our weakness by rectifying our sin. We go on living in shame and in fear that others might find out our little secrets even though we All have them. By bringing the weakness and or sin into the light of confession it births hope and truth it births a sense of no longer being alone in your weaknesses. Most of all it allows God to heal you and takes the foothold that Satan has on you keeping you from all that God truly has for people.

* We have to get to the point of wanting solid teaching. God is holy and righteous. He will have to continue doing so. In all of his sovereignty God is in control of of Everything. You do not have to like the fact that he does control everything or even like the fact you do not have to understand God. We will never fully understand God because he is so much more than anything that we could ever try to imagine let alone articulate with words. Gods means always justifies the end even if we do not understand it. He will bring about the best outcome that effects the greatest amount of people for his own righteousness sake and for his own glory. God knows and understands the past present and future. If you truly believe God is who he says he is and will fulfill all of his promises what business is it of anyone's if a child dies of cancer because this fallen worlds nature only to be united in peace joy and in the presence of God? Or why stay in despair when tragic things happen if you know wholeheartedly that Heaven is In fact real and everything we do here is only preparation being built up in God's image?

* God is good and we are not we are weak and do not need to go on acting and portraying that we are strong. We are all weak and this is good news because now we all can be on the same playing field together in our weaknesses. Thus allowing us to be able to properly hold God in his rightful place in our life and that is at the forefront leading and guiding us in our weakness into strong Christians he desires us to be. We will never achieve this if we do not acknowledge that we all are in need of this great savior.

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#458208 - 01/08/14 12:43 AM Re: Mans biggest problem is knowing who God is [Re: nltsaved]
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i am in no position to judge jhvh.



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