Well its the end of 2013 and looking back over the year I've compiled a list of the good and the bad things, a kind of progress report.

1.Starting the healing process
2.Getting rid of the guilt and shame that I'd carried
3.Telling my wife
4.Finding MS
5.My 6th Grandson being born
6.The love and support of my wife and children

1.My wife's breakdown
2.Shovelling all of the shit back in the box while I supported her, and making friends again with my favourite anaesthetic
3.Finding out that you can't trust an old friend that you'd just started a business venture with
4.Facing the threat of redundancy at work
5.Having to listen to my brother in law at Christmas telling us all that they didn't have to work, that they'd paid off the mortgage, where they were going on holiday blah blah blah - no matter how much I try not to I end up feeling a complete failure when we have a family get together
6.Suffering flashbacks when visiting by Mother at Christmas
7.Having to deal with the fall out of my in laws marriage melt down - they are in their late 70's for goodness sake