Sometimes I wonder ... as most do ...
"What's the point!"
It's such a struggle to cope with the bad things that come my way ...
to keep myself from diving under the bed to just lay there and wait for death.
When things are great it's a struggle to keep myself from soaring so high I lose sight of the fact
that what goes up must come down.
Why the hell do we have to decide anything ... is it some cosmic joke for the powers that be ...?
an amusement ... are we simply toys played with by a malevolent ethereal despot ?
Why can't life just unfold ... leave me alone ... just happen !
If that were the case then I wouldn't have to take responsibility for anything.
"Don't look at me ... it's not my fault!"
It wasn't my fault.
I had no choice then ... so why do I have to choose now?
My then ... my now ... my will be ...
was taken away from me.
My life is ruled by those moments in time.
Everything I do or don't do is governed by IT ...
IT makes the decisions ... not me ...
I'm just along for the ride ...
so why so many potholes already ?!
Life sucks ! ... frown
Life is great ! ... smile
Why is it that the second always precedes the first ... sweet and sour ... sweet and sour ... sweet and sour.
I reach a climax ... and get kicked in the balls.
It doesn't matter what I decide ... it always ends the same.
So ...
"What's the point !?"

This is just gibberish ... verbal diarrhea ... upchucked words ...
Read it ... don't read it ...
I don't give a rat's petooty ...
"Don't look at me ... It's not my fault !"
Experience is a brutal teacher.