Originally Posted By: Jim1104
I obviously
did not state my point accurately.

I know in my intellect, Limit,
that my emotional reaction
to the term does not fit
the real definitions.

I don't need
to read
what you so eloquently already said.

I agree with it.
you know what?
Logic doesn't always win in my head.

If it did,
then I wouldn't be on this forum
trying to fix my f'd up head.

So, sometimes it takes me a lot of work
to reprogram my inaccurate emotional reactions
to be in line with the facts.

That is all
and I was trying to convey
my discomfort with the discussion.

posted by jim1104 in another forum.
quoted out of context. (my apologies to author)
this is pure poetic genius.
brilliantly blatant
poignant and to the point.

you have expressed my feelings better than i could.
so many times i have tried to say what you just did so clearly and openly.

thank you Jim1104

"A word, even the most contradictory word, preserves contact.
It is silence which isolates."
     ~ Thomas Mann

"Do I contradict myself?
Very well then, I contradict myself.
I am large, I contain multitudes."
     ~ Walt Whitman