in t this morning -
my therapist and i talked about a lot of

he brought up the concept

Gestault therapy (innovated by Perls ??sp)

anyway it has to do with accepting
the whole of you

the good and the negative -
the dark and the light -

it is helping me stay in the present
so far and not be so despairing of every
moment and every person -

feeling ok -

another part of this therapy is that each person
leans either a little bit
individually in either "direction"

and that - the precept is that we are
all trying -

so it is helping me not hate myself - for accepting that part of my gestault is that
sometimes - i am a little... dark -

- kind of this wholeness thing is saying:
- it's part of me -
likewise that will be part of the other
in the relationship- and there can be a
joy in the relationship -