Blue ...

looks like the sunny sky above
but is really the indigo
in the deepest ocean
sunken way down
as far as it can go

Brown ...

a golden burnished honey
not like the hue of a deer's gaze
more like ebony
the dirty black
of a pit's haze

Gray ...

like the breast of a dove
soft as a feather
but just not so
like the heart of a storm
leashed on a tether
hovering above

Green ...

as the mossy side of a willowy tree
yet flecks of hard emerald
lurk beneath the placid sea
the frigid ice
is not what they see

Those are the colours
shown to the world
tender and bright
and full of mirth
no sign of worry
to lessen their worth
no terror or fright
no longing pain
or anguish old
not the story
that should be told

They don't tell the truth
but what I've learned to say ...
to fool them all
every day

This is what's hidden
what I hide
all the lies
just behind
my hazel eyes
Experience is a brutal teacher.