Yep, life has gone back to sucking like a Hoover. But my sister reminded me that this IS life. It's neither good nor bad all the time, just in states of flux.

Life CAN be hard. But it's how we CHOOSE to face it that makes the difference. I'm in a mood most of the time, and some of THAT time, there's nothing to be done. Something's hard or gone wrong and I feel hopelessly bad about it.

But, then there are the times I can look at life and say, "I've got a choice. Live or die."

When I make that choice (yes, the obvious one! \:D ), I have one other to make. "Am I going to live this moment happy or depressed?"

I suffer from clinical depression, PTSD, DID, and a host of other mental disorders, so this is NOT an easy choice some of the time. Yet it's an important one. It can lead back to the first one many times. No matter how many times life kicks me to the frigging curb, I have to get back up, and I can get back up either with a smile or a sigh.

When the time allows, or circumstance, I get up with a frigging smile.

Positiveness will win the day. At least it will confound the @$$holes.

Peace and love,


There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies