Hey soccerstar
I'm have a very similar story. My best friends guy is a csa victim. She told me about it but swore me to secrecy because she knew wasn't supposed to tell anyone. She needed to talk to someone and she choose me but then felt horrible after. When as luck would have it I was standing outside with her guy one day and the man who molested him drove by. He just blurted it out and so I asked him if he was okay etc. She felt a lot better after he told me himself. This guy is a really good guy. He is trying to get better but doesn't have much support in his life. I don't think he has any close male friends and his dad just died.
He has a ton in common with my H. and my H doesn't have any guy buddies who will talk about csa. I heard my H try to tell a guy buddy once and the buddy made H feel stupid. I really want to just tell these two men. "Hey you guys are both in recovery for csa and a messed up family. Maybe you could help each other out"
But I can't do that and I know you understand why.
So I just keep hoping that something will happen organically.
I think in your position you have to be careful. If he smells a trap it could ruin your friendship and that would be tragic. Something I've done in the past around people who need to talk is I talk about my struggles that I know they could relate too. Often times they chime in and share themselves. If they don't then I know that they aren't ready to talk and I leave it alone.
Everything comes from within