Christie and Carperson:

I don't want to take over Carperson's post, but did want to respond to what Christie wrote: glad to hear it.

For me personally, other people's just "being there" has oftentimes made as big a difference, and sometimes maybe even more, than a world of discussions might otherwise make. That might be hard to believe, but I'll try to explain part of it:

Someone's willingness to just be there, even when they might want me to talk or talk more, sends me a range of powerful messages: that I'm worth the time, that they really do care about me, that its ok to move through this at my own pace, that I'm more than just what happened to me, etc. Those types of messages work like an antidote to some of the poisons that usually run through my head.

Much respect to you both for your support of a CSA survivor.
I always tried one thing:
To make what happened to me not matter at all.
Turns out, it was supposed to matter.
Who knew?