I always have a cathartic feeling when I think about my beginning on MS. I stand after 3 years on "our" site, and I feel a same distinguished reverence for this place and the people here. Most are wonderful and eager to help. Eager to lend a hand. I still hang close to a couple friendships I've found here, and they continue to be rocks of strength and guidance, as well as positive support. I had no faith in myself in the beginning, no way to get a job, no confidence in my strength as a person to maintain an emotionally balanced appearance. I'm glad to say those fears have been vanquished, demolished, with barely a shred of remaining influence. I can now fight through the mis-conceptions so much more easily than in the beginning. It bears repeating, and reading these words on a page don't do them justice, but it Does, get, better. If u make it. Yes, those feelings that you may have, that subtly tell you you're nothing, or not worthy, can be fought. Can be beaten. Will be, if you choose too. It is all up to you. I now have a job, have prospects for dating, have all this strength, that I rarely felt in the beginning. The funny thing is, looking back, this sense of self was always there. Just hidden, behind the wall of mis-conceptions and lies I was forced to believe through rationalization of my abuse.

All the lies can be silenced. All the fear overcome. You must give yourself credit to pursue whole-ness. Even and especially, when you don't feel like your worthy, or you know you're not. If you have courage enough to be able to be reading this, you're deserving. The first step of being here is proof enough.

Be well and remember, your strength is there. You must only use it. You may surprise yourself.
Most Often, The Child Inside Has Better Access To Execute The Flawless Potential Of Self.

Over-Ride Emotional Conflict With Rational Truths

You Are Freer Than You Think - Paul Berteaux

Come unto Me, all ye that Labor, and are Heavy-ladened. I will give you Rest -Jesus Christ