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#452598 - 11/06/13 01:21 AM 3 yr anniversary of Oprah show airing
nltsaved Offline

Registered: 08/27/08
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Loc: Kc,Mo
Today is the 3 yr anniversary of the Oprah show airing of 200 sexually abused men come forward episode in which I was truly blessed to be apart of. Sense that shows taping , I have grown leaps and bounds in my life in this area of childhood sexual abuse. That show changed my whole life in so many ways and has empowered me to speak out and advocate in many different ways. I was able to do an interview in the Kansas City Star about my abuse and the show in 2010.

These things enabled me to shatter the lie I continued to tell myself that I was alone I was unique. I spent over 20yrs of my life living in this realm of total an complete hell afraid to tell anyone what had happen to me for fear of what people would think. Afraid of what people would call me . I had spent so much time tearing myself down over the years I had an imaginary view of how I would be perceived by anyone who found out.One of the biggest things I did to shatter this self perception was to make a video of me telling my story in GRAPHIC detail of what being molested meant to me and what it was. I posted it on Youtube and on Facebook in order to tell anyone willing to listen what it means to be molested. I went into such detail to help others to help myself and to bring people into this dark world of shame and guilt. I wanted to tell everyone so I could OVERCOME the fear of admitting I had been abused. The fear the shame the guilt all if it had to be removed. After I posted this video on Facebook I knew there would be no turning back friends would know and their friends friends. The big dark secret would be out and I would no longer be bound by this demon. After I posted the video and scared Sh@#less I waited for responses and the response was overwhelmingly positive. I received so many responses in my inbox with people telling me that It had happen to them to. The youtube response has continued even today , I still get comments and feedback from people from all around the world . Even people saying they were on the verge of suicide and "stumbled" upon my video and it helped them tremendously here are a couple of responses over the 100 hundreds. The video currently sits at 9,561 views .

" Watched your video again. posted before. saw a therapist for 4 months, helped a lot and I'm feeling much better. had to deal with it. I want you to know that seeing your video before literally saved my life. I was 1 foot out the door as they say. if you did these videos in hope of saving at least 1 guy, you have done it. in such a better place. still praying for God to come into my heart and help to lift this load and forgive me for all the things I did to myself in response to what was done"

"Suicide seemed like the answer three weeks ago. I was placed into a mental ward and was so scared. I cried out to God to get me out. He answered in a still small voice "no I will help you get through but not get out." He was using this to wake me up!God Bless you my friend! Thank you so much, you have given me hope!"

"My mum warned me not to tell anybody even the person who will be my wife in the future. It is not really forbidden to say that I was abused. İt is because our society, turkish culture and my family not really ready for that. I have realized telling the truth also help other victims, gives courage them to say what really happened to them.
I had started my recovery by reading other stories. Hopefully I will someday.
Your video has really influenced me because that's the first time I have seen someone is telling his story on a public website,as youtube. That's really need a lot of courage. Sharing your story, your feelings should be really tough. When I watched your video, I thought if I could do the same. Probably not, especially while I live in a Muslim country, Turkey. I hope one day, I'll get there."

"Man what a blessing to hear your testimony and speaking out on specific issues that child abuse survivors carry around. Thank you for being transparent. I also experienced molestation at a very young age. I'm 27 now, trying to serve God, find a wife, finish school, and live a "full" life, but I'm carrying this unmet need. My manhood is tarnish, Bro! But I'm determined to educate myself and depend on Christ for restoration. I will look up your links. You gave so many good points like what abusers look for in the victims and stuff. I praise God we have been able to know the salvation and hope in Jesus. I hope we can be friends and that you guys have a blessed New Year!! I pray that your video draws many hungry souls to the Cross!
ur new friend"

Here is the link to the Oprah show I was blessed to be apart of . Oprah show 200 men come forward
Here is a link to my video . My video

Please feel free to share it and help bring awareness to this subject. It could literally save a life. This was incredibly hard to speak out and in some ways it is still embarrassing but at the end of the day it is not about that it is about helping others know there is hope there is healing and you can have a productive life after abuse. Thanks for reading
Video of me telling my story
you are not alone never were
Why i hate Religion but love Jesus

#452690 - 11/06/13 07:27 PM Re: 3 yr anniversary of Oprah show airing [Re: nltsaved]
traveler Online   confused

Registered: 02/07/06
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Loc: resettling in NE Ohio
nlt -

i thank you too. when i first came to MS i was very troubled and confused. you were one of those who reached out and sent me messages - not just of reassurance and comfort - but also of challenge and the encouragement to face some harder truths about myself and my own attitudes when i needed it. i am better off now - partly due to your faithfulness to do what God put on your heart to do.


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