suspicion goes right to the top.

A book called ‘War of the Windsors’ claims that rumours had “even linked him with the notorious scandal surrounding the Kincora Boys’ Home, where a network of teenage boys were made available to VIPs.”

“It states: “Of all the recent Royals, none was so consistently immoral and unprincipled as the late Lord Mountbatten.”

“Both he and his wife Edwina were bisexual, and they led a life of unbridled promiscuity.”

“He was also said to have an interest in what homosexuals call ‘rough trade’ and to be particularly attracted to working-class boys in their early teens.”

“Jimmy Savile was a close friend of Lord Mountbatten.”

"BBC covered up Jimmy Savile’s child abuse because he was friends with Prince Charles and Prince Philip, claims veteran broadcaster Bill Oddie.”

warning trigger:

analysis: we must change how society tackles child sex abuse