I know that in two more months, school will be over and I will probably be shaking a little at the knees. I won't have instructors around to help me and I will be on my own in giving massages but that is what I am getting prepared for as well.

As of right now, we have no classes for a week and I only have to work mon-tue-wed of the next week so it will be a good break. Of course i have to be studying for a test and writing my paper, but a few nights of some rest for the week will be helpful.

Yes the loss of a friend isn't easy (kind of reminds me of losing my mom not too long ago). However there has been a lot of good moments come along in my life after my mom died and maybe this change will be very positive for me. Maybe the energy of the friendship was dragging me down and now without this anchor, I can let the wind blow me to the next sea. I'm really getting into the energy of the universe in a big way and see how many things play into it each day.

I appreciate the support so much and thank you all for just being here and lending an ear.


In order to journey to new worlds, we must first be willing to lose site of the shore.

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