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#451360 - 10/26/13 07:37 PM abuse at daycare? possible trigger
HD001 Offline

Registered: 07/30/12
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Loc: us
I was talking to my Mom today and we were talking about daycare. She told me that her friends son was sexually abuse when he was a child at an at home daycareI guess an uncle was living in the basement of the home and was taking kids downstairs and molesting them.
As a stylist I hear lots of daycare horror stories but never anything like this. I'm wondering how common CSA is in a daycare setting. Please share if you or someone you know has had any experiences.
The typical stories I have heard are bad enough they are usually about babies being left in dirty diapers or not being held all day. But CSA is a whole other can of worms that's adds a giant log to the fire in my argument with H about want to stay home when we have children. The boy is the story is 20 now and struggles with drugs and emotional issues (gee wonder why). Its just so sad.

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#451391 - 10/27/13 04:16 AM Re: abuse at daycare? possible trigger [Re: HD001]
Jwmcd2 Offline

Registered: 10/04/12
Posts: 110
I'll just say I was abused in the daycare setting. I'm not sure you want any other info besides that.

#451399 - 10/27/13 05:13 AM Re: abuse at daycare? possible trigger [Re: HD001]
HD001 Offline

Registered: 07/30/12
Posts: 276
Loc: us
Thanks for the feedback. You don't have to share any details if you don't want to.
Everything comes from within

#451402 - 10/27/13 06:27 AM Re: abuse at daycare? possible trigger [Re: HD001]
GeorgeMartin Offline

Registered: 12/30/07
Posts: 207
Loc: USA
Funny you are in Idaho. Since you have been on this website since July 30 2012 I will trust that you are not anyone I knew or know today, from ID or WA. But in response to your posting above:

Yes, in WA and ID state, there was a family and its relatives that did abuse me, as a child, that the woman had substantiated child abuse reports on file at DSHS/CPS in WA, and those documents were never looked at or ignored by CPS or DSHS. The woman was licensed anyway. Her husband was a pervert and molested, raped and tormented me, when I was a child. He was what he was, contrary to what that family wants to believe him to be, when he was alive.

Then there was his nephew, a 17 year old, that probably started molesting me when I was a child, before he was 17, but near 17 years old, is when I remember the first time he did what he did. And he went over to where this (later) home daycare was at, when I was a kid.

Remember, most child-minders need isolation and access. DURING and AFTER they abuse a child. Why afterwards? Because they have to secure the silence of the child. They have keep "grooming" not just the victim, but also the offenders relatives, and the victims family members.

"Don't you say anything or else...." "If you do say something.... this will happen...."

But the offenders also have to "groom" their own persona to cloak their deviance, in that being around their family and friends, and in the community, USUALLY, they create the persona that they are NICE, they are amicable, they wouldn't harm a bar fly let alone a child. They won't admit to any wrong doing with their victims either. They feel what they do, is normal and or that they are entitled to do whatever to the child, and that it is not damaging to the child, to themselves, and or the offender/or victims families. They are either ignorant or arrogant of that reality. Most offenders will claim to be heterosexual, and "hide" their sexual assaults of minors who were either inside or outside the home. Or children of "friends of their families".

I don't know who you are HD001, but there are two or three things that trigger, or alerted me to your posting. 1. "home daycare" 2. "uncle" and 3. "basement".

Strangely I was abused sometimes in the basement (our prison at times) by a nephew Little ***** (not by blood) and his uncle (Big ***) and the father's wife got a home daycare license, might I add, against WA state law forbidding her ever getting one in the first place, that her husband sometimes attended. And the nephew came from Idaho as well, as did most of the family that I was abused by.

So, nothing against you HD001 but damn, in all the years I been on this website (since 2007) I never read a post like yours, that sent shivers down my spine, as readying your post this morning in the wee hours of the night!

Happy Halloween!!!

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#451404 - 10/27/13 07:02 AM Re: abuse at daycare? possible trigger [Re: HD001]
don64 Offline

Registered: 10/09/13
Posts: 1106
Reading all of this is helping me feel so much easier with myself. I was not in daycare. My abusers were my parents from 0-4, and probably again at 8 from my father. But reading about the grooming of the public persona just struck an amazing place of understanding within me. It helps enormously with the place within me that was made to feel crazy and hopeless and helpless. My father is/was a retired marine and a church minister. My mother was/is very, very pious and as the wife of a minister was seen as the pillar of stability in the community and did many things helpful to the church community. But, there is a much darker side as well. I use is/was because I severed contact with them 11 years ago, and will never have contact with them again. Thanks for your contributions to my recovery. Don
Divine Law is not judgment or denial of self truths. Divine Law is honoring harmony that comes from a peaceful mind, an open heart, a true tongue, a light step, a forgiving nature, and a love of all living creatures. Jamie Sams & David Carson, Medicine Cards

#451447 - 10/27/13 06:55 PM Re: abuse at daycare? possible trigger [Re: HD001]
Jwmcd2 Offline

Registered: 10/04/12
Posts: 110
Well, the gist of it was I pretty much had a psychopath that "took care of me" when I was like 3-4 at a large, well-regarded and lauded daycare. Oddly enough, my own grandmother worked there too. My parents really didn't suspect anything. This abuser would take me to the bathroom for what she wanted and spent her time touching, probing, feeling, cutting, choking, squeezing and taking pictures of me.

#451488 - 10/28/13 02:08 AM Re: abuse at daycare? possible trigger [Re: HD001]
Still Offline

Registered: 02/16/07
Posts: 7011
Loc: FEMA Region 1
Fells Acres Day Care Center preschool trial
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fells Acres Day Care Center was located in Malden, Massachusetts, in the United States and was part of the day care sex abuse hysteria of the 1980s.[1][2][3] Violet Amirault (1923–1997) opened the facility in 1966.[4]

Contents [hide]
1 Accusations and investigation
2 Arrests and trial
3 Interviews of children as evidence
4 Post trial
5 See also
6 References
7 External links
Accusations and investigation[edit]

In 1984, a four-year old student at the Fells Acres Day School wet himself while taking a nap. Upon direction by the child’s teacher, Gerald Amirault changed the boy into spare clothing. Later that year the boy was discovered playing sexually-suggestive games with his cousin. After being questioned about this by his mother and uncle, who himself had been molested as a child, the boy said that Amirault had sexually abused him. Shortly thereafter, Amirault was arrested on charges of raping the boy.[3]

The police called the parents of all the children to a meeting at the police station to discuss the situation. They were instructed to go home and interview their children and to look for signs of sexual abuse. Examples of behaviors parents were told were symptomatic of abuse included bed wetting, changes in appetite and nightmares. The children were also questioned by the police, social workers, therapists, and others.

Arrests and trial[edit]

Eventually, Amirault was charged with molesting more children, and charges were brought against his mother, Violet Amirault, and sister, Cheryl Amirault LeFave.[3]

Gerald Amirault would end up being convicted of assaulting and raping nine children and was sentenced to 30 to 40 years in prison, while his mother and sister were convicted in a separate trial of similar crimes against four children and sentenced to jail for eight to 20 years.[3] At both trials the children testified in open court sitting directly in front of the jury with their backs to the defendants and their faces to the jurors.

Interviews of children as evidence[edit]

Much of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ case depended on the information obtained in the interviews of the children who were allegedly sexually abused by the Amiraults. The interviews claimed that the children were raped with knives, sticks, forks, and magic wands; were assaulted by a clown (allegedly Gerald) in a "secret room" and a "magic room"; were forced to drink urine; were tied naked to a tree; and many other acts.[5]

The main criticism of this case was directed to reliability of the information obtained from the children. The bulk of the evidence was developed through videotaped interviews conducted by Susan J. Kelley, a pediatric nurse.[3] The children repeatedly told interviewers, including Kelley, that nothing happened to them, that there were no secret rooms, and there was no clown. However, the questioning continued and eventually the children claimed all these things happened. One police officer, John Rivers, said at a seminar that interviewing the children was "like getting blood from a stone." At one point, an interviewer told a child that the child’s friend had already testified that the clown had them take their clothes off. The girl being interviewed denied this happened, at which point the interviewer said that she believed what the child’s friend told her. Kelley also rejected alternative explanations for events and ignored the children’s denials of the abuse scenarios.[6] The chief prosecutor of both of the Amirault cases maintained that "the children testified to being photographed and molested by acts that included penetration by objects ... the implication ... that the children's allegations of abuse were tainted by improper interviewing is groundless and not true." [7]

Post trial[edit]

Superior Court Judge John Paul Sullivan reduced Violet and Cheryl’s sentences, but the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court reversed that ruling in 1993.[8] In 1995, after serving eight years in state prison, Violet and Cheryl were freed on a successful appeal. A Lowell Superior Court judge ruled that their convictions were wrongful because they were not able to directly confront their accusers.[4] However, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court reinstated the conviction, citing the need for "finality."[8] While awaiting this verdict, Violet Amirault died. After this, another judge, the Honorable Isaac Borenstein, granted two separate motions for new trials.[9][10] Judge Borenstein held that the children's interrogations were so tainted by "grave errors" in the investigation process that they could not be used in any new trial. He explained that:

These grave errors led to the testimony of the children being forever tainted. The only allegations made by the child witnesses occurred after they were subjected to the admittedly suggestive interviews, and investigative techniques, as well as inappropriate - even if understandable - influence by their families. Moreover, neither behavioral symptoms nor physical evidence which may be consistent with child sexual abuse were revealed until after the children and their families were subjected to these improper interviewing and investigative techniques. These alleged symptoms were only discussed after the families were overwhelmed by the panic, hysteria and media attention that snowballed this case into national headlines and widespread concern about ritualistic sexual abuse of children.[9]

However, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court once again ruled to send the women back to prison.[8]

In October 1999, the new Middlesex County District Attorney Martha Coakley and Cheryl Amirault LeFave reached an agreement whereby Cheryl would be sentenced to the time served and she was released from prison. In exchange, Cheryl agreed to 10 years probation, and also could not give any television interviews, could not contact the families of the victims, could have no unsupervised contact with children, and could not profit in any way from her trial and imprisonment.

The Massachusetts parole board recommended the commutation of Gerald Amirault's sentence in July 2001 (an action that the alleged victims strenuously objected to[11][12]). The then–Acting Governor, Jane Swift, rejected the decision in February 2002. He was ultimately released from the Bay State Correctional Center on April 30, 2004.

See also[edit]

Little Rascals day care sexual abuse trial
McMartin preschool trial
Satanic ritual abuse

Jump up ^ Rabinowitz, D (1995-03-14). "A Darkness in Massachusetts--II". The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 2007-10-31.
Jump up ^ Goldberg, C (1998-06-13). "Youths' "Tainted" Testimony Is Barred in Day Care Retrial.". The New York Times. Retrieved 2007-10-31.
^ Jump up to: a b c d e Rabinowitz, D (1995-01-30). "A Darkness in Massachusetts". The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 2007-10-31.
^ Jump up to: a b "Day Care Workers Get Retrial, As Accusers Did Not Face Them.". The New York Times. 1995-08-30. Retrieved 2007-10-31.
Jump up ^ Commonweath v. Amirault, Middlesex, 424 Mass. 618.
Jump up ^ Hayward, E (1998-02-18). "Prof: Therapist Swayed Kids against Amiraults". Boston Herald.
Jump up ^ Hardoon, L (1995-02-24). "Letters to the Editor: The Real Darkness Is Child Abuse" (archived reprint). The Wall Street Journal. Archived from the original on 2001-07-19.
^ Jump up to: a b c Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Editorial: Travesty of Justice, Sept. 13, 1999.
^ Jump up to: a b Commonweath v. LeFave, Proceedings, June 12, 1998
Jump up ^ Commonwealth v. LeFave, Findings of Fact, Rulings of Law, and Order on Defendant's Motion For New Trial
Jump up ^ Gelzinis, P (2001-08-07). "Amirault's accusers reveal their faces, and their pain". Boston Herald.
Jump up ^ Miller, L (2001-08-02). "Mass. Victims Fight Commutation Plea". Associated Press. Archived from the original on 2001-08-07.
External links[edit]

Booknotes interview with Dorothy Rabinowitz on No Crueler Tyrannies: Accusation, False Witness, and Other Terrors of Our Times, May 4, 2003.
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Satanic ritual abuse
List of satanic ritual abuse allegations
Cases and accused
Cleveland child abuse scandal Faith Chapel Church ritual abuse case Fells Acres Day Care Center preschool trial Kern County child abuse cases Little Rascals day care sexual abuse trial Martensville satanic sex scandal McMartin preschool trial Oak Hill satanic ritual abuse trial Satanic panic (South Africa) South Ronaldsay child abuse scandal Thurston county ritual abuse case Wee Care Nursery School abuse trial
Gerald Amirault Anne Johnson Davis Mary de Young Paul and Shirley Eberle Peter Hugh McGregor Ellis Stephen A. Kent Kee MacFarlane Liz Mullinar Debbie Nathan Cathy O'Brien Richard Ofshe Lawrence Pazder Valerie Sinason Ralph Underwager Mike Warnke
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#451707 - 10/29/13 05:41 PM Re: abuse at daycare? possible trigger [Re: HD001]
HD001 Offline

Registered: 07/30/12
Posts: 276
Loc: us
This is so disturbing. I'm sorry for those of you I triggered. I should have put a stronger trigger warning on my post. I don't really struggle with many triggers anymore and sometimes I forget that others are still very sensitive. I hope I didn't upset anyone too much.
I have a question for the survivors who are also parents but I will put it in a separate thread. Thanks for sharing.
Everything comes from within

#451718 - 10/29/13 08:07 PM Re: abuse at daycare? possible trigger [Re: HD001]
pufferfish Offline

Registered: 02/26/08
Posts: 6875
Loc: USA
You don't need to apologize. It's important that you posted it.

I was abused by a guy who "watched" me Saturday and overnight to Sunday so that my Mother could have a day off. It started before I was even 4 years old. I have life-long damage from it. A child that age gets dissociative disorder from being sexually abused.

An important point is that secret organizations are using day-care operations to purposely produce dissociative disorder in children and induct them into training in their nefarious ways. I can provide more information if you want it.


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#452656 - 11/06/13 03:22 PM Re: abuse at daycare? possible trigger [Re: HD001]
sugarbaby Offline

Registered: 08/17/08
Posts: 382
Ages ago I had started a little rental business that rented nanny cams. At least half the calls I got were from daycare places (home or otherwise) that usually just wanted to know what the things looked like. It was friggin creepy and I had no idea just how much that creeped out H when I would tell him of the calls I got.

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