I think this a wonderful forum. While it is about progress i hope it is for someone like myself who has successfully recovered but i would like to share some of my experiences.

First my recovery began when I step out of denial and that happened when I was diagnosed with cancer and found myself looking at the end of my life. Fortunately the cancer was a misdiagnoses but that let to the true cancer, my abuse. I realized I had been in denial my entire life not about the abuse but the damage and wounds from the abuse. I spent my believing I had dealt with the abuse when in reality I had only acknowledged the abuse and therefore i continued to suffer all the effects such as depression, isolation, pstd and so much more that we have all had. What I had never done was to connect to the wounds and when I step out of denial I found I was standing alone with someone I didnít know. But the genie was out of the bottle and there was no going back. This led me to choose a course to recovery. So I dug in made the commitment to me that failure to recovery was not an option. It was one hell of ride and it was tough. I came thru a new person or more to the point I became the person I was meant to be. My life is so different now. Free of depression, anxiety, PSTD and I am genuinely happy. I no longer live in shame or guilt and I love to remember my past now because I can to do without shroud of the abuse. Prior to recovery I hated looking back now I love and many of the good memories that were lost for so long are coming back. If you want to read the whole story it is in my Blog justanothersurvivror.wordpress.com. Once I was out of denial my progress was steady with many intense periods of healing culminating in reaching the next plateau and in time the next level of recovery would begin. It is a trip worth taking and I hope all who suffer find their own path to recovery.