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recently with my own kids issues have come up because they are labled by some as " too sensitive" ( which is ridiculous), and speaking with some people we prefer to say or kids have tender hearts. Being sensitive is a gift, and times I want to reply I rather have a sensitive kids, than a sociopath who has no feelings or care when they push kids buttons. Others who have. kids who tease and have no boundaries who's parents justify thier actions by saying the other kids is too sensitive... totally mental.

How much should a kid have to take vs other kids just not messing with those who are more tender.

The devouring of children's souls begins.

This is the type of animal attack I have no tolerance for. The morons don't know they are too moronic to function with people of true value.

I've seen this too many freakin times man! It amazes me who falls away in our view as friends and quality people. "Well...maybe they ought to toughen-up a little!" "Maybe you ought to drink this glass of Habanero juice!"