trigger warning:

female survivor gives her testimony.

easy to understand description of how i feel inside.

The 52 year old Willeke Meijer, herself a victim of pedophiles, explains what kind of consequences CSA can have for these young victims at a later age.
'Contrary to what is sometimes heard in the media: how young the victim yet is, it is inside of you and remains present in your entire being. And once you recognize that pain, that fear, years later. As a victim of pedophiles you are condemned to a life sentence. Physically you do not die, but emotionally and mentally you die bit by bit. That piece of death you carry with you in your soul for the rest of your life'
The life story of the woman born in Rotterdam is heartbreaking.
Between her seventh and eleventh year she was rented out to pedophiles by her mother.
When her own young daughter was raped by a pedophile she murderd the perpetrator .
She was in prison for twelve years, but she does not have real regrets
"I have never felt it as a crime, more of a retribution for what has happened to me and to my little daughter".