Thats the way.
Strike the gavel!!

Objection your honor / dishonor
I dare say.
You call this justice.
When youths are wronged.
Brung to and fro
with no place to go.
Beaten, burned and spurned.
No love or kid gloves do they receive.
Only hate rape from an ape.
With false smiles and painted faces
do we look into their places.
He so cute so smart.
With a mouth full of mirth.

Justice Justice Truth Truth!!!
But not for the youth.

They are but marionettes
in the hand of the puppet master
with no defenders or contenders.
They have no fangs or claws, jaws
to tear and maim.
They no not the game that the predator has spun.
A web with no end spun in there heads
even after the hunter is dead.
How many years do they suffer
in silence and fear.

But the judge says Laws Laws we have Laws!!!
Is that not enough!!!
Objection! Objection! Dishonor!
Laws and rules are broken
Love and compassion deep in the heart
is all we need.
If this was accomplished it would succeed
Their would be no need for laws and clause .


Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain."
Frank Herbert