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#77648 - 02/22/05 11:49 AM Lies, Truths, and *Evil* (*possible triggers*)
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(oops, double post...see one directly below)


#77649 - 02/22/05 11:51 AM Re: Lies, Truths, and *Evil* (*possible triggers*)
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I've been reading a book called "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge. I have to say that it has radically changed my life and my whole thinking of the abuse and myself. Whether you are religious or not, I think you may benefit from some of the thoughts I'll pen below that I've found in it. If you're not religious, then simply think of whatever your concept of *Evil* is. The book, written by a Christian author, of course uses Satan as that concept of *Evil*. But if you think of spirituality in a different concept that doesn't include "Satan" per se, then simply think of Satan as *Evil* below. Or, if you're not spiritual, then think of *Evil* as the perp. You get the idea. For purposes of this discussion, I'll simply use the term *Evil* to represent Satan, Evil, Perp, it's all kind of the same in a way.

All my life, I've believed lies about myself. Lies that were told me in my youth by those who abused me, and lies I told myself based upon how I felt about myself because of the abuse. During all that time, those lies became "truths" to me, so that I could not tell the difference. I was told I was worthless, so it became "truth" to me. So now, we are caught in this tangle of lies about ourselves, finding it very difficult to unravel because part of our brain thinks we're good, but the other side inserts the lies.

The book I referred to above has the following quote: [*Evil*] probes the perimeter, looking for a weakness. *Evil* will throw a thought or a temptation at us in the hopes that we will swallow it. He knows your story, knows what works with you and so the line is tailor-made to your situation. ... All the while we believe it's us, we are blowing it, we're to blame, and *Evil* is laughing because we've swallowed the lie "I'm not here, it's just you."

If you saw the movie The Passion of the Christ, you'll recall the opening scene in which Satan is in the garden with Jesus as He prays, and Satan is subtly telling Him lies, such as "This burden is too much for you to bear, it's too much for any man to bear." It's all very seductive. Lies they creep in, become part of our thinking, and *Evil* reinforces them until they become our normal way of thinking about ourselves.

I guess the point I'm wanting to get across is that whether you believe in Satan, *Evil*, or just bad vibes from your perp, the lies we've been fed and continue to feed ourselves unknowingly are a major stumbling block to our recovery. We have to confront those lies, destroy them, and see the truths about ourselves. Personally, I see this as a major step in my own healing.


#77650 - 02/23/05 07:04 PM Re: Lies, Truths, and *Evil* (*possible triggers*)
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So very true! Until we recognize that we are living those lies and that our lives have been built around those lies, then lies are the only truth we know. The power is within us, but we have to KNOW that the lies have overtaken us, and we have to in turn overtake the lies. To seek the truth is the most difficult thing we can do, but do it we must. It is never pleasant, in our cases, but very necessary.

Only when we hold up the mirror, or someone holds it up for us do we realize this.

I was thinkig yesterday about how we run from our demons until, at some point, we simply have to stop and face them. We know we can not run from them forever. There are those that never stop to face, or do not have the strength. Those were the friends I grew up with that took their on lives. They had no help in facing the truth.

Thanks for the post.

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - Will Rogers

#446331 - 09/03/13 05:55 PM Re: Lies, Truths, and *Evil* (*possible triggers*) [Re: EGL]
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My T gave me this book, may be time to read it. Seems like I have a lot of books on the list to read. ATM just feel tired or reading.
�We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.� - Plato

#446332 - 09/03/13 06:04 PM Re: Lies, Truths, and *Evil* (*possible triggers*) [Re: EGL]
freeze-on Offline

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hey guys

while on the subject of good reads....have you ready any of gordon dalbey's books? have read several,,,the one "fight like a man" is one of the best i've seen regarding processing shame in view of the cross, among other great dyanamics we struggle with. outstanding author who seems to hit the spot re recovery.

my 2 cents worth.

peace bro's


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