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Then came "What a whiny wimp! So something happened to you. Get over it already!"

I had not read nor heard about that piece in the Wash Post. That alone would have fueled my booster rockets. But hearing of a reply that told ANYONE to "get over it".... that would have caused me to launch ICBMs all over the place.

It never ceases to astonish me how many defense attorneys, judges and even cops fall for that "the kid consented" shit. Then it gets REALLY bad when the general public eats-up that argument/excuse like its gospel and that we have a flaw in the law.

I hear it ALL the time from the folks who support convicted pedos...the ones I expose with extreme prejudice.

AND! And ... There are some Massachusetts has trial level judges who actually believe children can consent to relations with an adult.

To hear now that there's a push to exempt teachers from rape charges makes me want to hit the Launch-All button. This is a sign that this planet if fkd and finished!