Hi fellas,

I've now been on MS for almost 3 years (it's hard to believe), and have definitely found this site to be extremely helpful in my journey. As some of you know, my abuse occurred from age 9 til almost 16 at the hands of my grandfather, and for nearly 25 years, I kept this all to myself. That all changed on Halloween night, 2012, when I could no longer keep it in and shared my CSA with my wife. That started the beginning of the next chapter in my recovery process. Immediately after telling my wife, I began seeing a therapist, and I must have had God looking out for me as I've had a great T.

After telling my wife, I was able to get the courage to tell the first person in my family, one of my sisters. That was really the major breakthrough for me, as I had this grave concern that I should not tell anyone in the family for fear of breaking up a very close knit group. After telling her, it gave me the courage to tell my other sister, and eventually my parents. Now the whole family knows, and as it turns out, one of my uncles has come forward as a victim to (and I'm sure there will be many more coming forward).

In May I had the pleasure of attending my first WOR, and that was a great experience too. It really was great to talk in person with a group of survivors, and it helped confirm I was heading down the right path. I would highly encourage anyone to consider a WOR if you are able to.

So overall 2013 has been a good year for me, and while I still certainly have many SCARs from the abuse, I'm grateful for where I am today, and really want to think all of you guys out there that have been around to help me. It's really each of you, along with my T and family, that has enabled me to move down this path.