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#445264 - 08/23/13 06:59 PM dating method
victor-victim Offline

Registered: 09/27/03
Posts: 6387
Loc: 𝒪 𝒦anada
it hurts me when i hear how some guys here are lonely.

i have shared this method of meeting potential mates and getting dates with a couple guys here already through PM.
i thought i might just make it public.
if you are lonely and alone and you want a partner,
you can give this a try.
i know it works!
it might work for you.

step one:
simple inexpensive business cards with your name and telephone number.
listing occupation is optional, but more impressive.
it also gives the cards a dual purpose, because they can also be used for business.
some kind of small design or logo is always better.
the card should represent the best you have, but don't make it more than who you are.
no false advertising.

step two:
do not seek potential partners or date mates at the usual high-traffic high-competition venues such as bars, parties, concerts.
never rely on alcohol or drugs to inhibit your inhibitions.
this will only impair your judgement and ability to make a good first impression.
if the person you are interested in meeting is "under the influence", the problem is the same.
if you are only interested in sexual encounters, flings, or affairs, then go ahead.

step 3:
whenever and wherever you see a random beautiful person you want to know better, someone you consider attractive... i am talking about beach, bus, library, coffee shop, sidewalk, anywhere but the aforementioned bars, parties, concerts...
this is what you do.
walk up to them, say or paraphrase the following words...
"hello, excuse me for bothering you.
i would love to get to know you better.
i'd like to find out if you are as beautiful as you look. please give me a call, maybe i could take you out for LUNCH or COFFEE sometime." (do not say date or dinner)
hand her the card, and disappear immediately. do not linger.
do not wait for a response. hit and run tactic.
do not initiate a conversation, and avoid asking or answering questions.
rehearse and practice the sales pitch.
say you are busy, occupied, on your way somewhere, gotta go, good-bye, and walk away. leave.
if you are on the bus, get off at the next stop.
deliver the lines quickly and believe what you are saying because it is true.
only approach persons you are genuinely attracted to.
do not settle for someone who you think might be more likely to say yes. aim high. you deserve the best. you deserve what you want. you deserve to be happy.

this resulted in about a 10% callback.
that is... for every 10 cards, i would get 1 lunch date.
100 cards = approx 10 lunch dates.
500 cards = approx 50 lunch dates.

when they call, always act pleasantly surprised.
that is not hard to do, because it is always a pleasant surprise. let them pick the location, unless they insist you do it, so have a place picked out in your mind.

this system works.
even when i was dirty from work.
lunch is the perfect public place to meet strangers.
there are no implications of obligations.
it is a safe environment, and the potential partner does not feel threatened.
it is easy for either party to exit gracefully if the conversation becomes awkward.

you already know the person is attracted, interested, or curious, or else they would never have called your number.
you just need to relax and enjoy their company.

if they are just using you for a free lunch... oh well, for the price of a meal, you get to spend some quality time with an attractive person.

it is win/win.

getting the next date is up to you and the mood.
if you want to see the person again, let them know.
suggest another lunch. ask them to call you when they want to go out again. no pressure. always leave first, because you have to be somewhere. busy man. if you don't want to make up something, make sure you actually book an appointment for after lunch.

if they call again, you know you are making progress.
repeat the first date.
do not suggest a dinner date until the end of the second date.
have something already in mind before you mention it... i recommend live theater. very classy and usually well-received. by now you should have an idea of what interests and hobbies they have, so if theater is no good, try something you know they like. NOT a party, concert, bar, night-club, or tavern.
nothing that would suggest you are trying to get them drunk and take advantage.

if they agree to the evening "date" now you can ask them for their contact information. arrange to pick them up at their house. only agree to meet them at the date location, if they are reluctant to give you their home address.
if you do not have a driver's license this whole dating process becomes even more difficult and expensive.
if you do not have a car, borrow one, rent one, buy one, or hire a taxi.

be confident, patient, gentle, polite, and persistent, but leave all the physical contact control in the other person's hands. i always let them make the first move, just be ready for it. it they keep calling you, then you know they like you. contact is inevitable. just remember, you are interested in the person, not sex. sex too soon has ruined more relationships for me than no sex. if all you want is sex, don't waste your time and money on this system.

if you are dating women, always be the perfect gentleman, opening doors, picking up the tab, holding chairs, help them with the jacket on and off, dress fancy.

i don't know if this works on guys. probably.

without exaggeration, i was dating up to five women at the same time. that was the most i could afford or juggle at the same time.

again, i remind you, no commitments until you are completely ready to marry the person. if you are not ready to marry them, do not commit to exclusivity. if it is a deal-breaker for the other person, let them go. do not lie to stay with someone you do not feel strong enough about to commit honestly. this will save you major drama bullshit.

all i know is, if you do not make any promises or commitments of exclusivity, and if you hand out enough cards, you will be dating several times a month with nothing but people you are attracted to. this system also protects you. if, after one or two dates, you discover the person is not as beautiful or attractive as you originally thought, you can terminate at any time, with minimal emotional damage to either party.

old-fashioned? you bet.
effective? it sure was.

can't say if still works today. probably.

i believe it is worth the price of 500 business cards to find out.
i ended up married to the girl of my dreams before i finished the first box of business cars.
married since 1991.
if my wife dumped me today, i would get more cards printed tomorrow.

hope this helps.

please send me your comments.
i have taught to others, and they were successful.
let me know if it works for you.


#445383 - 08/25/13 02:31 AM Re: dating method [Re: victor-victim]
ThisMan Offline

Registered: 01/23/13
Posts: 778
Loc: upper south
Hey, VV-

I dug out my business cards and placed a stack in my car so I can pop a few in my pockets when I go about my day. Gonna give this a try... seems perfect for a sort of shy guy. Thx.

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