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How can I be straight if I like to hook up with "dudes" but get engaged to the woman I thought was finally, the love I had waited all this time for?
Do you believe there is a difference in Sex and Love????
Why didn't I take up anonymous sex with women?

Welcome Jake,

All good questions. Ones that many of us have posed here as well. Spend some time reading some posts. You will see yourself in them over and over. But more to the point, one of the results of CSA in men is confusion about sexuality. It takes time to work through, and the answers are not usually in alleys or rest areas. A difference between love and sex? I've never been able to get them to work together, but I think I understand now that you have to start with the love first. And sex with anonymous women? Well I never met a woman waiting in a rest area to get laid. Let me know if you find any.

Be well.
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