Sanctum for Survivors is a one-day conference that will serve as a sanctuary for survivors of sexual violation. The purpose of this event is to address the emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual damage left by sexual violation, by providing both practical and spiritual equipment to facilitate the survivors in their personal growth.

Our Goals:

Discuss spiritual and practical tools to help undergird survivors in their journey to wholeness.
Give survivors an opportunity to connect with one another, and share their stories if they desire. Everyone has the right to be heard once they’re ready to speak!
Provide survivors with information concerning what support systems are available to them, and also how they can become active in the fight against sexual violation.
Utilize small group break-out sessions for survivors to receive impartations from speakers, authors and other equipped survivors.
Launch a My Brother’s Keeper mentor-ship initiative, where members of the small groups exchange information to keep one anothe
r uplifted.[/size]
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