I enjoyed the w.o.r. 2010 immensely and returned home ready to continue the process of recovery......and got derailed...my son returning from iraq/afghan and separating from the military decided to grow his own marij. and got busted along with my daughter both over 20 years of age....I plummeted down to a bad place....i had started drinking beer after abstaining for 25 years....continued drinking upward of a 6 pak a day and then got busted by my wife cruising for men on a website....though i had not acted out for years, i had habitually acted out with myself and the male porn via the internet.....she asked me to leave home...so i did, and continued to drink and cruise and have anonymous encounters....though none of them were as "a man lies with a woman" so i thought it wasnt so bad....my drinking continued and i found a guy that wouldnt let go....someone who was totally infatuated with me,,,and i will admit i enjoyed fishing and mechanic-ing with him and the general sense of not being so ALONE in this world.....we fed off one another for a while but he became so untrusting of every move i made that i could not hardly live my life.(i have to stop now, but will continue when i can process this a little better).