this is very odd.

*** WARNING ***
possible triggers.

zuleydy piedrahita (aka lupe fuentes)
when she was just 18, she met an abusive man who offered her a career as a model and promised it would make her a big star.
she was soon coerced into getting involved in the adult industry believing it would be a great way to become a famous model and make money to help with her family situation.


this is also very intriguing news.

underage porn director is also highly successful mainstream movie and pop/rock video producer.

gregory hippolyte brown (aka gregory dark) was one half of the infamous dark brothers porn production team.
he wrote and directed "new wave hookers" which featured underage nora kuzma (aka traci lords) performing hardcore.

at the age of 12, she fled her alcoholic father with her mother and 3 sisters and moved from ohio to california.
at the age of 15, nora moved in with her mother’s ex-boyfriend, a drug dealer named roger.
nora had been raped when she was 10, and then molested regularly from age 11 on.
her mom did not protect her from roger's advances and did nothing to prevent nora from living with him at such a young age.
roger, who posed as her "step-father," saw an ad and brought nora to meet jim south, an adult modeling agent.
by the age of 18, she was in dozens of hardcore films.

crazy mixed up world of double standards.

for more information on this subject:

"The Sexualization of Childhood"
by Sharna Olfman

"a 17-year-old Britney Spears
released a debut single called “Baby, One More Time” which became
an instant international success. In the accompanying video, Spears
sports a schoolgirl image with braided hair, socks, and a school uniform
with a knotted shirt that revealed a bare midriff as she writhes
around asking her ex-boyfriend to “Hit me baby one more time.”
Spears later went on to employ Gregory Dark, a long-time porn director
whose films include 'The Devil in Miss Jones', 'New Wave Hookers', and
'Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout Black Chicks', to direct her videos

"Growing up with sexual abuse and parental neglect,
Nora Kuzma (known as Traci Lords in pornography made of her when she was 15),
named her pornography 'scripted prostitution'

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