Out of the ashes
I rise
a Champion for Children

Little boys
and little girls
are suffering the wounds of generations

Terrible pain
is encrusted in my cells, in DNA strands
He raped me on the basement floor,
my father.

For years,
He left me tied up,

Little girls
and little boys
are suffering the wounds of generations

I remained silent.
Home was only a far away imagined place.
Only a yearning.

I struggle with intimacy
I cling for love
I crave to be tied up
Loved again
Love is twisted and distorted
My spine holds the trauma.
Help me untangle this mess, Ancestors.

I am a little boy trying to get his most basic needs met.
Shelter, and a home to care for me.
Intimacy, affection.

I don't know the boundaries
I don't feel safe.
Most of the time I'm not even in my body.
The pain is just so strong.

I want to connect.
I don't know how to ask.
I'm anxious and afraid.
How do I reach out to you?
How do I break through?

I've been a little boy hiding his pain.
But I see you now:
Trauma spirit, I will not yield.
You have destroyed my life, so far.
But This is your final hour.

I will not let you harm a child.
You have used my body and scarred my soul with your hate
But you have not touched what is really true about me.
I will not let you rule me.

I am the hatred filled dad burying his pain in his son,
and I am his son, crying with silent desperation, fear and love.
And I am the possibility of redemption.

Violence need not govern my life.
Abuse need not write my story.
On the long road home, I begin to see
Another way is possible.

I hold the victim in me with loving care.
I confront the predator in me with fierce determination.
And green blades of new beginnings
carve an arc through history,
rippling out through everyone I touch
and them,
and them.

Courage. Faith. Rebuilding from the rubble.
With each new breath
I stand up for the little boy in me.
Find my allies, ask for help.

I see a new day coming,
Where New fields grow softly
Where Children can play safely.

Because we have risen to the challenge.
Let's band together to end child sexual abuse and all forms of violence to life.
Out of the ashes we rise
Champions for Children.