When we are a Born again Christian it is an impossibly to stay the same. The spirit within you is going to lead and guide you into this change. You can not merely stay the same, if you do it is by choice and lets be perfectly clear you are Exalting yourself above The Most High God when you ignore your hearts true condition.

The spirit is going to convict you and tell you where you are wrong where you need to change. The spirit is intelligent it is going to get you the information whether it be through a sermon,through a conversation you might have with someone,a song,or something you read. The spirit is going to show up and give you what you NEED not necessarily what you might want to hear because it is only going to deal with Truth.

If you are born again you will constantly be hungering & thirsting and seeking His righteousness and You Will Be Filled. The word does not tell you when you will be filled only that you will be filled. This is what i mean when i say it is impossible for a Christian to stay the same . You will have a desire to want what God wants even in the midst of your mishaps your missteps.

The spirit will Engage you and will prompt you to hunger and thirst and seek the righteousness of God. When people Choose to ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit what you are really saying is I know better than The Most High God I got this I can figure this out, essentially choosing to be your own god and God says have No other Gods before me. When you are disobedient to the spirit and go off and do things "your way" God will allow this he will let you do things your way just understand you will no longer be under the influence of Him. You will no longer have his protection , you will be on your own at the very moment you Choose to be disobedient.

A person that has the indwelling Holy Spirit has no choice but to continue to seek out God's righteousness because you want the will of God in your life even in the midst of hard times and when you are caught up in your emotions & feelings there must be a continuing thirst to get out of your emotions & feelings there must be a continual thirst to overcome what ever trial you are going through knowing and depending on God to see you through , not just excepting defeat not just excepting what your feelings and emotions are trying to force upon you. You understand that this is not of God and that while going through such things your not satisfied in this place or state of mind because the spirit is constantly relaying the message to your heart that there is a better way there is an answer but you must seek to find you must hunger and thirst for His righteousness.

Laying down your own will for God's will enables you to be in divine order . When we consult God first in ALL things He will do what He says He will do He IS who he says He IS and will lead and guide you in ALL things when consulted.

When people go off of their own will and decide to go their own way after the spirit has revealed the true condition of their heart , things are going to dramatically be different . The course of their life is going to be altered. By ignoring your hearts true condition and failing to be obedient, your choices will not be in divine order your walk is not in divine order and the rest of your life will continue to be out of the divine order of things.

God has a plan and a purpose for your life and when we choose to alter his plan and purpose, our lives are filled with more chaos more instances of things "not going our way". We are now in the realm of being out of God's favor. The difference between someone who continually seeks the will of God and someone who lives in the realm of self is that the one that is constantly seeking God's righteousness

will always be in God's favor. Will things always be the way you want ? no but they will be in accordance with what God wants for you and you can Trust and believe that it is far better than Anything we could put together for ourselves.

The one who does not seek his righteousness will always find themselves just outside of the will of God just outside of His divine favor. Things will always be a struggle and things will always be just out our reach or if you do reach out and get what you want you will not be satisfied you will immediately want something else trying to fill the void left from not being in the will of God.

Therefor when God reveals the true condition of your heart do not ignore it Embrace it . Do something about it and continue to seek out His will and you will receive an answer. He said so not me I am merely the messenger. I know this works because it works undoubtedly with out failure. The word does not say when you will be filled only that you will be filled .

The problem is when we do not think God is moving quick enough or when we get the silly notion that he is not working on our behalf. We just have to be still and know that he IS God . We have to give him his just due and that is placing him in the highest position in our lives . Exalting him not self Exalting him in All things knowing that what he says IS true and that He truly is in the business of protection not restriction.

He protects us from ourselves because he knows what we can and can not handle he knows what will entangle us and ensnare us. When we do not listen we get entangled and ensnared and than have the audacity to ask Why God why?? It is simple we ignore our hearts true condition we ignored the promptings of the Holy Spirit and we get what is justly deserved.
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