I don't usually post...but I need to today. I made a very difficult decision yesterday. I walked away from my family because one of my perps is within my family structure and has really not been around for years, but lately has re-entered everyone's lives. I have never exposed this person, nor will I because the person I did confront years ago. But I verbalized and made a stand this past weekend within my family regarding some issues indirectly and am now empowering myself to become healed. I come from a family with a lot of alcohol issues and that has opened the door for so much verbal mistreatment of myself and others in my family I finally said I won't put up with it anymore. It has been a major hindrance to my self-esteem and total healing. I don't hate my family; I just told specifically my mom that I won't take the mistreatment and criticism from anyone anymore, including her. Words are powerful, and can be hurtful and crippling. I am writing this to encourage anyone else to not put up with it any longer than they feel they need to. We all deserve respect, and need to be treated as human because we are. We need to take a stand against people who keep avoiding our cries for change and those who don't include us, but rather avoid us. I know this will change the course of the rest of my life, but I choose to be free and loved by those who care about me and no longer sit in the shadows of fear.
-Love is love when it is free; love is love when others don't feed on you as a "need". If we reach one person with betterment, and in turn that one reaches another, what power we have to change the world."