Hello men. I gotta start diversifying my friendship base. Posting publicly has been great and I have a main accountability partner. Now I'm looking for friends. I know they don't come easy. And because of my disposition I feel I need to limit my personal contact in the beginning to those men who are either gay or straight identified and not somewhere in between, like myself (no significant ssa please especially if currently acting out). It is much easier for me. Once I get my legs I'll be fine with anyone.

I was just going to send PMs to people that I have felt drawn to. But I decided instead to put out an invitation to anyone who might be interested in lightweight one on one talking via onsite PMs.

I know this is a bit artificial but under the circumstances.... I've learned to just ask for what it is that I want in life because it's too short.

thanks for your consideration.

To those of you who private messaged me when I first joined the site I did delete everything because I felt I wasn't ready to go there. But now I am.

I look forward to making a difference in someone's life and to benefitting from your wisdom and experience.


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