I wrote this as a song for a little band that was going to form but never took off, it was before I had the realisation of CSA in January this year. I wrote it last July 2012.

Thinking it was over, I sauntered out of the frame.
Regressing through the pages, I remembered things are just the same.

So will you tell me what it is this time,
Is it you or me whose to blame?
Things aint what they used to be,
but you know that Im the same...

And thats when I know;
that suddenly theres something,
something that isnt quite new to me...
cus I Just dont have the time,
to be thinking this way right now...

And thats when I know;
that suddenly its nothing
Nothing quite new to me...
cus I just dont see that sign,
that tells me, that these thoughts are mine.

Is it your complete lack of suprise,
That tells your eyes to lie to me

It reminds you what you should think inside
but you know theres something, something that aint quite right,
With no choice left but to fight.