I just gotta come out and say it;after all I am the only one who is getting hurt. Change is apart of life and is very constant. However, enough is enough. I can combat the depression through medical appointments and being sociable. I can tollerate a painful injury in regards too my physical health. I can accept the passing of a loved one but I can not tollerate it when I am too hard on myself.

These past 10 days Ive been in a funk and I feel it creeping up. It's safe too say it took place when my nephew passed away at the young age of 27 on the 13th of June. I did what was required of me, I did what I wanted and needed too do but yet the funk returns.

I am looking at this in a logical way. Death is a monumental change for all of us and it takes time too heal. I've contracted my heart out during this time. I opened my home and restablished the lanes of communication and even branched out. It's gotten too the point where I have my evening tea, I will have a neighbor or neighbors chat with me on my steps.For me that is a big step. I am cautious but I know it is needed.

When I am braching out I hear a small voice of wisdom and warning. Speak and hang out with your brothers who have sadly experienced the pain you have held.

In a nutshell, That's what this topic is about. I need too get out of my funk and step back onto the path of healing. So if you guys/gals could, leave me a message of anything or any topic. Just so I can have an outlet and develope more freindships and continue healing. If anybody can do this, I would be greatly appreciated of the outreach.