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Now here are my questions:
1 - Has anybody been shunned by a friend when you discussed your story with them? And how did you salvage the relationship or not? (I'm also anxious, because he may not have even read it yet.)
2 - Does anyone else have identity confusion from their experiences? What were these outcomes?
3 - Has anybody had a healthy heterosexual relationship following their abuse, or what struggles have you had to deal with or overcome in the relationships?

1. YES, unfortunately, but who needs friends that can't handle the truth about me.

2. YES, but if you stay honest and remain truthful to yourself, you will discover and know who YOU really are.

3. YES, i have been married for 22 years now, and i love my wife very much.
there are always struggles in every relationship,
and they are usually power struggles.
sex and money always seem to be the problem,
but below the surface, it is about power and control.

hope that answers your questions.
they are only my opinions.