Queen boy fly dragon king

walking though the great crystal gardens a queen
with her king turned a corner and stopped to watch the spectacle of
a small boy catching things in the reeds of an ornamental pond
the queen said after a while " have you given him permission to be
here doing that ? "
her partner seemed surprised "well i have seen here and there a few
times" "i
believe hes From the village "
he said in a way that one might characterize a type of bird
yes but what of the walls? have we not the best guards of all the lands ?
"oh most definitely " in a sure voice the king replied
"lets get to the bottom of this then " said the very practical queen
"yes" said the king seeming surprised "an example "
taking his arm she walked to bank of the ornamental pond

as they appoched him the boy looked up and beamed a wide toothy smile that
seemed to fill his entire grubby face
" ah" he said as if he had been expecting them "you have come to help
me catch frogs" he announced knowingly in a cheerful voice

the queen was a little taken back for she was so very used to being
treated like well a queen
and in a formal but slightly patronizing tone that a queen might
take with a small grubby child said
"OK i see huh and how exactly did you get into this Royal garden ? "
the boy looked up from his labors climbed out of the pond and sat on
the bank in the warm sun and when he was quite comfortable proceeded
" well originally i followed a dragonfly but today i am
trainspotting frogs" his tone youth full and packed with excitement
the queen had no idea how to reply it had been many years since she
had been made to wait for anyone to speak needing a moment she
nudged the king who joined the conversation
"why are you transporting frogs my man " said the king in a much kinder
voice than the queens
"i wondered when you would ask that" the boy rubbing his hands together
"well its like this "he said bouncing to his feet and pointing into
the pond " The fish eat the most of the tadpoles and if i move the
frogs before they lay frogspawn to the other pond"
he said pointing off into the distance of the garden "where there are no fish we will havea garden "
the queen cut in "full of frogs "in a tone which suggested a travesty
"yes" said the boy "but i was more excited about all the dragonfly's "

queens face changed from that of mild annoyance to genuine surprise
and her checks flushed and she gulped and after a
few seconds said in almost a whisper but in a voice as kind as
flowing water is timeless "a gift beyond riches for which i
would gladly weather a few frogs thank you" gripping him by
the shoulder and smiling

And dragonfly's bring with them little boys said the king
who as long as they are as well meaning as the birds can always find
there way to the heart of any garden
the queen beamed a smile as wide and as youthful as the boys
and said " we certainly do have the best guards and walls but it
would be silly if they applied to dragonfly's or little boys "
"yes" said the king "your getting it we write the laws of man which
can never apply to the true nature of things "
"i cannot give him permission to be were he naturally finds himself
on a summers day nor can i tell the birds what to sing "
and with a far off look in his eye said
these things are far beyond the scope of a simple king such as I
the very practical queen held her kings hands in hers looked him
lovingly in the eyes and said" you are very silly man" they laughed
together in away that only the etenally in love can
and then she said "now come on you two enough of this whimsical talk we have frogs to catch if we are ever to keep the company of dragonfly's "
and at that with the grace and elegance that only a queen can yield
she kicked of her shoes and climbed into the pond followed closely by
a king and a little boy

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