Like everything else about child sexual abuse, this topic is complicated too. The people who make these 'jokes' are ignorant about the long-term effects of SA, so forgive them for not knowing. The same people are ignorant about how many people have been affected by CSA, both directly (us) and indirectly (those who care about us). They are not aware that in a room full of ten other people, probably one of them was abused as a child. If they were to realize that, far fewer 'jokes' about abuse would be told. Again, forgive them for not knowing. I personally feel that I have a responsibility to educate people on the issue, without being demeaning to them, I truly believe they would want to know that they are most likely offending someone within earshot. I also feel it is my responsibility to put an end to the stigmas that follow abuse victims/survivors around. When these 'jokes' are told and others laugh, the stigma is perpetuated due to ignorance. I can chip away at that, little by little without getting up on a soapbox, without getting overly emotional, by sharing knowledge I have obtained that others have not, thankfully, until then, they have had no reason to avail themselves to that knowledge. Be gentle with yourselves today. Peace - John