This is a parody off White Mountain from Genisis.

Treachery and War

Thick was tension as Don drove on in rage,
his child lay asleep in the car.
Don's frantic wheels told the tale of his sin,
Mother in chase shrieked revenge.
Outcast he trespassed where no man may tread,
the crime left his own unborn dead.
He learnt of a truth no sane man wants to know,
the crime left his firstborn missing.
Howling for blood, Mother leads on the hunt,
intent for return of her Soldier...

Hard grew the chase, sirens wailed through the sky,
Don fell to jungles of steel.
End of the trail, Soldier drew from the pack.
That child would be conquered by none!
Steep, far too steep, grew his life's path ahead,
decent seemed the only escape.
Soldier stood firm in the face of his foe,
pain is the price he would pay.
Soldier stood before Death with defiance on his face,
sworn by blood to fight the deadly blow.

"Lost Son of Donald the traitor you seek,
the laws of survival say this:
That only the strong reach glory in their pain,
and those who surrender will die!"

Swinging his scythe for the throat of his foe,
still Death would fight Soldier in vain.
Scars left in memory now faded from red.
Never would the man break again...

Soldier started searching and a lucky lead he found
returned him to the tribe and brought them peace.
If you cannot overcome the current, then let the current take you. Only one certainty is sure, that the future is unknown. the river may be harsh, but still obeys Life's laws. The rest is up to you