Hey all,

So I'm new to this site, but have posted a few topics, and everyone's replies have helped a lot! Thank you!

Today I'm just expressing...

So the man I'm dating...I'm already in love with him because we've been friends for years already. I can tell he has a love for me too--I don't know if it's just a friend's love or romantic love--but it doesn't matter because I love him without the condition of whether or not he feels the same way.

Anyway, I have a healthy habit of expressing my feelings comfortably, and I will not have a problem expressing my love for my guy...when it's the appropriate time. He has intimacy/commitment/trust issues, so I haven't been hasty in tell him, "I love you."

Still, I can feel like the moment is coming SOON, and it's REALLY scary! And it's scary not because I am afraid to be vulnerable, but rather I'm scared for HIM! I'm not scared that he's going to go off the diving board and push me away. I'm just scared for him, because vulnerability makes him frightened. Nobody's ever REALLY loved him. (And I don't care if he says it back.)

He wants to be in love, he wants to love, and be loved, but at the same time it can be too much for him. That's why it's such a Catch-22!!!