Teacher Pleads Not Guilty to Contacting Student In Sexual Exploitation Case
(Note: Because the age of consent in this state is 16, this is being prosecuted as "Sexual Exploitation", under a law that makes it illegal for a person in a position of power or authority over a youth to have sexual contact with the person, even if the youth is older than the age of consent, 16. Also note that after her arrest for violating the conditions of her release, she was again released from jail on just $750.00 bail. Would the court be so lenient with a male abuser?)

A Burlington High School Spanish teacher used the phone at a local business to connect with a student a judge had ordered her to stay away from as she awaits trial on sexual-exploitation charges, court records allege. Giovanna Yaranga, who is suspended from her teaching duties, was told by Judge Kevin Griffin after her initial arrest three weeks ago to have no contact with the 17-year-old, with whom the authorities say she carried on an improper sexual relationship for seven months.