Where there is hatred and bitterness
shall not Love come to infiltrate
To impart its healing inside and out
When we allow Love to come in
To dwell among us to live inside our hearts
It shall begin to root out hatred rage and bitterness
For one of the greatest gifts afforded to us is Love
Shall we deny Love only to decay in our pride
To blatantly obstruct and disregard the one true gift that mends all
The reward of allowing Love to overcome is revitalization of soul
Denial of such fortitude is destruction not only from within but also an outward manifestation that shall spread to one another's hearts
So it shall be if Love is allowed to bring life from within and bring fourth an outward manifestation that spreads to one another's hearts
into the minds of our future
To hand down Love instead of the curse of hatred bitterness and rage to break the cycle
I tell you Love is the only thing that has the Power to do such a thing
Video of me telling my story
you are not alone never were
Why i hate Religion but love Jesus