I decided to just write a balanced love letter. 2 pages long put a lot of effort into it. Not gave it to her yet my plan is to just give it to her when I depart university as realistically I need to focus on my (hopeful trial against my perp within next 3 months) and Im not dateable material at the moment.

Didn't mention my csa. As the focus of the letter was about her and the fact that I had fallen for her but we were going seperate ways so I'll just have to get over her. There was only one line in it which made reference to right now i have no job, money and lots of ugly personal problems to deal with. I didnt elaborate on that.

I guess I'm hoping to leave an impression on her for maybe in the future we may meet again and circumstances could be better to date. I feel better after writing it and I dont fear rejection as much as not saying anything and just missing out that would be my biggest regret.