Here's another video of me singing a song from the late 19th century Oppereta merry england.

To download just click on This link then on the sendspace page that comes up, ignore everything and just click where it says "click here to start download"

The download might be a trifle slow, but unfortunately that's a result of sendspace.

this one is particularly fun, since it's a song from Merry England essentially all about getting drunk in a rather commical way, albeit I don't do the acting. the title is "every jack should have his jill" but in this case "jack" is a rather large round wine cup, and Gyll is a measure of spirits, "and who so wills to steel his Gylls will find it is a tussle, till on his back he's laid by jack, for Jack's a man of muscle!"

I rather like this song particularly since while a pain to sing, it's a lot of fun, and needs to be sung with a good bit of energy to get the point across.

The context of this one was interesting, since I went to the auditions last weekend for the Aims summer music school with neel Jenkins, (a rather famous classical tenor). Neel advised me to learn this and another more ballad peace for the auditions, so that's what I did, and he obviously approved since I also sung this in the concert (though being as everyone else did rather dysmal items of very heavy opera I'm glad I did this one).

what I also learnt is a good lesson about physical work. I love singing because it is intensively physical, indeed up until hurting my left arm a month ago I was running and lifting weights each morning to improve my vascula system and voice. I however have had rather a lot of trouble with higher tenor ranged stuff, mostly caused by me getting incredibly tense and nurvous, and afraid of hurting my voice or worse, of messing up. neal however just said "you've put in the muscular work, so stop worrying and just do it!" which indeed I did! it distinctly paid off, and now I'm practicing my higher range, indeed my singing teacher has given me la dona e mobile to sing which many people will know as sort of the signature song for operatic tenors, ---- albeit I tend to be more a light opera person than myself.

Hope people like the video.