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#429094 - 03/25/13 08:12 PM Re: Radical feminist denies males can be raped [Re: Life's A Dream]
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#429122 - 03/26/13 02:17 AM Re: Radical feminist denies males can be raped [Re: Life's A Dream]
Jacob S Offline

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Originally Posted By: Life's A Dream
Originally Posted By: cant_remember
I have encountered women like this in the past; in fact, both were faculty members of different Ivy league institutions.

Big fucking surprise. Women's studies. Revisionist history and a chance for women to rid themselves of all responsibility and to truly enjoy victimhood status over any and everything, giving them immunity from accusations of ever truly being responsible for any wrongdoing. Yeah, that's equality, alright. Oh, whoops, I forgot. Modern feminism doesn't give a rat's ass about gender equality. Sorry, but the truth hurts. And that's all those courses usually are. Treating 50% of the human race as less than human, emotionless, disposable- a scapegoat for all their frustrations. Kind of like racists do to minorities.

As someone who has done some work in gender studies areas (and I am talking about the actual academic field here, not the talk radio equivalent of either political party), let me say that their is unfortunately a lot of that in women studies. But that seems to be the old crowd and its worth not throwing the baby out with the bath water. What I mean is that the field of women's studies has done a lot of good in exposing the gender assumptions that permeate our society. The future of the field is in gender studies, where feminism + queer theory* is slowly coming together to form an alliance that can effectively answer questions of sexual identity and experience in a more nuanced way.

I'm not saying there aren't some truly sad people in women's studies. But a lot of their anger comes from their own traumas. It can be very hard to look at another person's tragedy if you are afraid it will make people invalidate your own. I think on both sides of the gender gap we need to work toward a common understanding of how patriarchal domination hurts us all. Which means we need to call out those who are harmful to the cause but be careful about over-generalizing. In many ways, modern gender studies -- even in places where it is still technically called women's studies -- is a potential ally.

*FYI: queer theory is not the same as GLBT studies. It is a move overarching exploration into the formation of sexual identity, including societal expectations and questioning the so-called "traditional" binary of gender.

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#429138 - 03/26/13 05:48 AM Re: Radical feminist denies males can be raped [Re: Life's A Dream]
crazy gecko Offline

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Fuck her.

To me, she's in the same category as people who think that it's OK to rape a girl because she's drunk. Fortunately, the vast majority of female survivors have only empathy for male survivors. This pathetic excuse for a human being is definitely an outlier.
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#429201 - 03/26/13 07:27 PM Re: Radical feminist denies males can be raped [Re: Life's A Dream]
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#429208 - 03/26/13 08:33 PM Re: Radical feminist denies males can be raped [Re: Life's A Dream]
Zug Offline

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I've had similar conversations, both in person and internet. I had a woman tell me that a man's civil right CANNOT be violated due to our 'position' in society, same bitch said thay rights of that nature are a 'zero sum' game, someone MUST lose in order for another to gain. I had another woman tell me that a woman COULD NOT rape a man, in any form or way even if there was physical contact, penetration, etc. After what Ive been through this can produce explosive reactions from me that I cannot control. As a result, I stay away from stuff like that. Someone said 'if we ger angry, they win'. That has been my experience. We dont have to be quiet about it, I just need some work before I can fight that battle. Its funny that a group that has fought so hard to fight stereotypes, bias and ingrained social roles but are more than happy to use them against another group. Its disgusting, so much for empathy and the 'gentler sex'. Lol. PS; FUCK HER AND THOSE LIKE HER.
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#429213 - 03/26/13 09:59 PM Re: Radical feminist denies males can be raped [Re: Life's A Dream]
Vadrian Offline

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How disgusting. And furthermore it must be said, adult rape is NOT more important, more traumatic, or common then childhood sexual abuse. The feminist revisionists love to pretend that childhood doesn't exist and everyone is born as "men" or "women" so that they can ignore the extremely rampant physical, sexual, and emotional abuse that boys suffer through from both male and female adults. It's women that sexually abuse children that create the next generation of adult rapists.

Actually, anger is a good motivating factor to fight back and change things. We win if we get angry! And our emotions belong to us, repressing our natural instincts isn't an attack on someone else, it's an attack on ourselves.

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